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The standard stuff

I’m currently working as a User Experience Designer at StarLeaf, a video meetings and chat company. I’ve done some cool things there including reimagining the user experience of our video meeting rooms, which led to usability and satisfaction increasing from 55% to 87%.

For more like that, check out my CV.

The ambitious stuff

Everywhere I go, I’m thinking about how the world around me could be made better. Small tweaks to improve the experience of day to day life, remove hassle, and increase delight. Some say I’m too picky, I call it an eye for detail, and a mind for ideas.

Whichever way you want to look at it, I am an individual with a thirst for making an impact, paying attention to the details, and challenge convention. I believe that design is the tool that empowers this.

But, design is nothing without understanding who will use it and what problem it will solve. What motives me, makes me want to work every day, is getting to talk to users, learning how they do something today, and how we as designers can make their tomorrow even better. Ultimately, great design can change how someone experiences life and the world around them, and that’s a brilliant thing.

The cool stuff

Flying the Cessna
Yes, I am flying this plane.

I love anything techy, am a Mac aficionado, my absolute dream would be to sit in the cockpit of a 747 one day. Oh, and I love to design stuff and make the occasional video.

If I have a free weekend, I love hiking pretty much anywhere in Wales or the Peak District. See you on the hills.

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