Reflecting on a year of being President of 180 Degrees Consulting Birmingham

180 Degrees Consulting is a the world’s largest student led consultancy, operating in 62 branches across 28 countries, with the goal of improving the effectiveness of non-profits and social enterprises.

I was fortunate enough to have been President of the Birmingham branch of 180DC for the past 12 months.

The direct outcome of the work we undertook as an executive team led to substantial benefits for the organisations we worked with. It was so rewarding to see the teams present their recommendations to their clients, and to see the clients so engaged. In the first semester of the 2014 academic year we ran eight unique projects with over 40 consultants for clients, and each one couldn’t praise us enough.

Not only that, being President had its perks such as going to the European conference for 180 Degrees Consulting branch leaders in Berlin. This really helped open my eyes to the potential each branch has, and how we can be successful at driving the social impact of non-profit organisations.



Some of projects we took on included forming a strategy to overcome negative PR for an international charity, form partnerships for several local animal welfare organisations and establish a sustainable method of funding for a charity based in Birmingham that set up a bakery in Ifakara, Africa that provides free bread to the town.

I found it both hard work but also exhilarating to coordinate a whole executive team, and ensure that both consultants and clients are happy, but I’ve learnt so much about how to keep track of teams, how to deal with issues and ultimately that I can successfully drive an organisation to growth. It was a role that required a constant awareness and coordination of the ‘entire picture’, ensuring that all pieces of marketing, events planning, consultants and projects all came together at the right moment, but the satisfaction of pulling off an event that leaves clients so pleased they want to make a speech, students proud to share and discuss their work and that brings an entire team together is hugely fulfilling.

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