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I was fortunate to be able to present my final year degree project at New Designers in London this week.

Presenting in my bit of the Aston University stand

Being able to showcase my work to the world and talk about the project to a diverse audience was a liberating and fulfilling experience. For me, the highlight was the sense of intrigue and excitement from visitors when they realised what the project was about since home heating is a daily task (struggle?) that everyone goes through, and visitors felt that the design solution showed promise for changing the heating control paradigm in the future.

I am very grateful for the praise, interest, connections gained, and most importantly, the feedback I received when exhibiting. This project is particularly special to me and I’m more than certain it will continue to live as I commence work back at Worcester Bosch next month.

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Paavan Gandhi

I'm a UX Designer at StarLeaf, trying to make my mark the world. I like to rethink how stuff is done and challenge convention. Changing how someone can experience life and the world around them is a brilliant thing.

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