Get to know me

The standard stuff:

I’m a First Class with Honours BSc Product Design & Management graduate from Aston University.

Born in 1995.

The ambitious stuff:

Everywhere I go, I’m thinking about how the world around me could be made better. Small tweaks to improve the experience of day to day life, remove hassle, and increase delight. Some say I’m too picky, I call it an eye for detail, and a mind for ideas.

Whichever way you want to look at it, I am an individual with a thirst for making an impact, and believe that design is the tool that empowers this.

I like to rethink how stuff is done and challenge convention. Ultimately, good design can change how someone can experience life and the world around them, and that’s a brilliant thing.

The cool stuff:

Yes, I am flying that plane.

I love anything techy, am a Mac aficionado , wouldn’t mind flying a 747 one day.. oh, and I’m a geek who loves to design stuff and make the occasional video.

If I have a free weekend, I love hiking pretty much anywhere in Wales or the Peak District. See you on the hills.

I’ve worked at a design consultancy; The BIG Consultant and part of my job was to demo a new games controller to investors and top people within the gaming industry, including at the Liverpool International Festival for Business.

On my industrial placement at Worcester Bosch in 2015, I became heavily involved in product user experience testing and new product development, which led to visiting the Head of Industrial Design in Germany about things I’m not allowed to talk about.

I also used to be President of 180 Degrees Consulting Birmingham, operating as part of 180 Degrees Consulting -the world’s largest student led consultancy.

Get in touch:

I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to tweet or follow me, connect on LinkedIn, or send me a message.