Product Management Intern – Bosch Thermotechnology

Mark Waterhouse, Product Manager at Bosch Thermotechnology

I had the pleasure of working with Pav during his time at Worcester Bosch. Pav made a valuable contribution to a number of projects. He demonstrated a high level of attention to detail and outstanding analytical skills. Pav’s enthusiasm and drive ensured that he was a highly regarded member of the team. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pav.

Product Design Intern – The BIG Consultant

John Biddleston, Director at The BIG Consultant

I had the pleasure of working with Paavan who worked in my Product Design Consultancy on the development of new product design (NPD) and in particular for emerging technologies. A heavy task for even a seasoned professional. Paavan has a very detailed approach to research and development, and is well versed in all aspects of emerging technology. I found a particular aptitude to project management; where an important IT project he was tasked with was delivered on-time, on-budget and with a very happy customer. Furthermore Paavan’s commitment to planning combined with a creative and open-minded approach to problem solving brings great results. Paavan has good commercial ability and technical competence but is also a team player that would make him a valuable asset in any team.

Adam Wildin, Mechanical Engineer at The BIG Consultant

Paavan is an incredibly switched on, with great passion and love for product design and management. I thoroughly enjoyed the time that I spent working with him, and would certainly recommend him to be part of any team.

Mitchell John, Product Designer at The BIG Consultant

Paavan’s skills in project management are exceptionally effective! His cooperation helped our small team tackle a large and demanding project, and realistically meet our deadlines.

Benjamin Wilson, Mechanical Engineer at The BIG Consultant

Paavan is a very hard working individual, always a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond what is expected of him.

Rodney Jackson – Managing Director at Cojac Limited (client of The BIG Consultant)

I just had to formally write to you to in order to express my sincere appreciation for the contribution you made to the success of Cojac’s participation in the IFB event held in Liverpool this week. As you were aware this was a prestigious event it being the inaugural International Festival of Business in the UK and attracting Global visitors. Our particular event the International Gaming Expo was especially important for Cojac as it was the first public showing of our 6-axis controller.

Your preparation, presentation and input to the two day event was exemplary. We were all very impressed with your confidence, ability to resolve technical issues and interaction with everyone you came in contact with.

President – 180 Degrees Consulting Birmingham

Gemma Dillon – HR & Events Director at 180 Degrees Consulting Birmingham

After working with Paavan at 180 Degrees Consulting for over a year now, I can reflect saying that Paavan has been a fantastic team leader. His hard work and diligent management of a team of 7 has seen the student society flourish in all respects. I believe Paavan to be great addition to any organisation he is a part of and I wish him the best of luck in his future career!

Team Leader on Design Project (Oil Drainage) – Perkins Engines

Ashley Ramdenee – Client at Perkins Engines

Paavan showed great leadership skills and an appetite to further his personal learning and development. Paavan demonstrated a “can-do” attitude in a project with which he had very little previous experience and was determined to develop his technical skills to develop a high-quality project on time. I have little doubt that attitude, coupled with further technical experience will lead to success in the future.

Technical Lead and Committee Member – Gunatit Jyot

Dr Naina Visani – President of Gunatit Jyot U.K.

Whilst carrying out this work he has suggested and implemented new ways of working not just for the website team, in managing the day to day tasks involved in this endeavour, but also introduced the team to new technology and the art of possible in other elements as well. His knowledge and experience of leading a project involving such complexity is excellent, especially considering his age and experience. I have been very impressed with his knowledge and expertise and being able to work in a team environment for such a project.

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